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    Friday, April 10, 2020

    We Believe in Our Son Aiden

    At Bridgedale he's more confident and focused than ever.

    By: Samantha Burns, Bridgedale Mom


    Aiden had always done well at school.

    Our journey at Bridgedale Academy happened quickly, but the course that lead us there started long before. Aiden has always been a joy: his beautiful smile and kind spirit make him so easy to love. He is helpful and smart; a great addition in any school. He asks for very little and gives 100% in return. 

    For years, our parent teacher conferences remained the same, "Your son is smart, sweet and doing his best."

    This was wonderful . . . 

    Until Aiden hit fourth grade and things changed.

    Parent teacher conferences remained the same, but Aiden was unhappy. His lack of interest in school was obvious, he never wanted to do homework, nor did he need too. He was withdrawn and miserable, frustrated with the classroom and the students that refused to follow the rules.

    His teacher spent more time attempting to manage the classroom than teaching. State-mandated testing and large classrooms made it difficult to cover curriculum and Aiden was DONE. We struggled as a family, trying everything in our power to manage the stress and disappointment that came with what we knew needed to be done. 

    He needed a change. WE needed a change. Little did we know, the greater power would take over. 

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